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The Role:

The role offers a very special opportunity position with a leading design-driven practice in Wellington. Working very close to the design "coalface" your job is to ensure everything comes together and is presented in a clear, comprehensive and appealing package.  There will be plenty of collaboration - with suppliers, other professions, councils and contractors.  As the group senior, you will be required to manage and distribute work to the team, specify materials, design details and work to balance the design flair of the team with buildability.

Projects are focused mainly on higher end workspaces for future thinking firms around New Zealand and Australia. Even in the last few months these have changed to meet the challenges of more fluid ways of working / host desking / natural environments and the continued embedding of technology. 

Of course, this company also embraces much of this new way of work and wherever possible, you would be able to enjoy the flexibility of working on the modern office one day and perhaps from your abode - or wherever!

If there is one word to emphasise the success factor for this role, it is "ownership" - taking charge of the systems, processes, standards and outcomes. 

You would be working in a team of five in an office in a unique extended high end home studio based in the countryside near to Porirua Wellington - about 25mins on SH1 - both ways in the fast-moving direction of course!

  • A very experienced Architectural or Interiors/Spatial Technician/Architect/Technologist
  • Advanced Revit Skills
  • Proiven knowledge of the practicalities of putting a workspace together (finishes, joinery, ergonomics)
  • Advanced written and spoken English

You do not need to be a registered architect or a flairy designer, just able to drive the documentation.


So.... Why?

Why would you take this opportunity, make the move? 

  1. The projects are engaging, challenging and good enough to brag about in any company.
  2. The team is small, so you get to be involved at all levels.
  3.  The company has been going for many years, they know how to adapt and adapt they certainly do.
  4. If you live north of Wellington, you could save commuting time.
  5. Even if you don't the flexible working gives you more time to do the things you love.

So, if this sweet opportunity adds for you and you want to know more, apply below or, for a discreet chat, call Lachlan McNeill on 021 1130175.

Engineering • Manufacturing • Electronics • IT&l;T • Infrastructure • Construction • Architecture
Senior Revit Technician - Commercial Interiors
New Zealand
Porirua ~ Wellington
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Drafting / CAD