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This is a pool for Tekla-savvy steelwork detailers with experience in the New Zealand market.


We have a number of clients looking for steelwork detailers able to take a role in the design and detailing for industrial / commercial projects in New Zealand.  At this stage, we will be focusing on those designers who have already worked in the New Zealand or Australian markets.

The Role:

At the core of this role is the production of well thought-out, comprehensive and of course accurate designs.  

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of the client needs and applications.
  • Provide quality design and detailing output from visualisation to shop drawings.
  • Provide fully detailed Tekla Structures documentation

You will need to be an accomplished steelwork designer/detailer with a portfolio of construction oriented work.

We will be looking for:

  • Excellent steel design  / detailing skills
  • Advanced Tekla Structure talents 
  • Typically 5+ years in a construction or consultancy design office
  • Your own Tekla Licence
  • Advanced communications and record ord working successfully in a project
The Process:
  1. You provide a cv / profile and a portfolio of work
  2. We will come back to confirm your Tekla skills and NZ experience
  3. We will provide you with an outline of upcoming project needs
  4. We willarrange a Skype call to discuss skills, range of rates, availability and specialisations
  5. We will conduct reference checks with previous clients / employers
  6. Once a contract comes in, we will contact you, outline the needs and agree rates and terms
  7. We will draft contracts and arrange starts
  8. We will review progress and client feedback throughout
  9. Rinse and repeat.


On Offer:

The rewards for the right person are many:

  • join a team active in the NZ engineering scene
  • experience a wider role than most  - closer to the client and involved throughout.
  • advance your skills and build your professional network

To register your interest, please apply below. 

Overseas Candidates:

Unfortunately we do currently receive a lot of contact from candidates with no "local" experience asking us to interview and promote them to our network.  The challenge is that our clients come to us with the specific requirement that all candidates are very familiar with AS/NZ codes so, at this stage, we may not be able to respond personally to people, however talented or motivated.  I am sure if you saw our inbox, you would understand.


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Engineering • Manufacturing • Electronics • IT&l;T • Infrastructure • Construction • Architecture
Remote Tribe: Tekla Structures Design Detailing (New Zealand)
New Zealand
Timaru ~ Canterbury
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Engineer - Structural