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If you adore the romance and thrills of commuting stop right there, look at the next job on the rank. Please.

If  you however, like a bit of "you time" in your week instead of starring at the brake lights of the gazillion cars in front or sharing your personal space with the great unwashed, we may have something for you.

Now, it's not all beer and skittles, in fact, err, none at all of the above, but we do have a role where you can choose to work from home/your local java joint or wherever your imagination might think is a good idea. Stop dreaming, just for a minute, and read this bit: You do have to come along to their swanky CBD offices once in a while (say every two weeks or so) for meetings with the team and the client, and answer the phone/Skype for updates so perhaps working from Mongolia might not work, by Misson Bay, Morningside, Mount Roskill - fine.

So - whats the deal? 

We have a go-getting client making waves in the workplace and entertainment design sector. Combining very memorable spatial design for some of New Zealand's leading companies, they are a high growth, fast moving team winning the race in the commercial interiors game.

They're busy, a lot going on - more clients, more projects and bigger projects, projects you would selfie with, frank-a-ly.

And all this busy-ness means...they need a "ready-to-go" Technician to take ownership of the detailing and documentation for a few key projects. By "take ownership" we mean do.

Grown-ups only please:

'fraid so. This position would require the ability to work from a brief and

  • provide fully detail drawings of workplace, retail and entertainment projects
  • Detail joinery, signage and interior construction elements as required
  • Provide layouts from sketches and site surveysj

NOTE: You will be required to attend occasional client and team meetings in central Auckland, not by phone... Skype.. .Zoom.. .Whatsapp..  Messenger, actually in person, yes, physically. Yes, sooo old-fashioned I know, I know, but that's the way it is pop-pickers.

Cheer up - There is also the opportunity to:

  • carry out site surveys
  • become involved in direct design
  • use your imagination

You will need to be:

  • Very proficient with AutoCAD
  • Have hands-on experience with interior layouts, space planning, finishes and features
  • Have a bunch of working drawing examples
  • Fully conversant with the NZ Building code for interior spaces.

This is a well-rewarded role with scope for further contracts 

At this stage you can either convince yourself you need to do more research, or that the job is probably too good to be true or you could, just just apply and find out. I'll let you work that out.


We are looking for a contract person in the medium term (expected three to six months, but roles such as these can often result in an offer for permanent employment, If this is the first tme you have considered working contract, we can assist with this as we have many years success in helping professionals.

Apply below or give Lachlan McNeill a call on 09 3203235 for a discreet chat.

If this role is not for you but if you have the expereience, a good portfolio of commercial interiors work and are available (and have the work permit ) for contract draughting or design roles  in New Zealand, please apply with details.



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AutoCAD Architectural contract your dog/fam/sanity will looooove you for.
New Zealand
Auckland City ~ Auckland
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Drafting / CAD