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The Company:

Leading the way in their engineering specialisation, this firm has grown strongly over the last 30 years by working with obessively passionate people to bring great solutions to welcoming clients. Rather than just solving a problem, this dynamic crowd have been looking over the horizon to anticipate future needs, challenges and opportunities.  Combining training, super cool 3D, virtual/augmented reality and BIM/ CAD / GIS in it's many manifestations, this company certainly open up the opportunities for themselves and their happy clients.

The Role:

Bringing the technology and the team together to get things done.

There is a core group of 8 to 10 in the draughting team producing site surveys, schematics, 3D concepts, working and sometime fabrication documentation. Among these are Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical and GIS and 3D VR/AR specialists all playing their part in the big picture.  It is imperative that people work to their strengths, get stuff done on time and develop their skills along the way.  Your mission is to make this happen.

This is a leadership role and the main agenda is to look ahead, provide clear guidance, monitor progress and get into the CAD hot seat when needed. It's not about walking around with a big stick nor it is about doing everything yourself.

It's the real world, so there will be plenty of real world challenges, deadlines, technology hitches, project crises and "people" things like holidays, illness and familes all of which which will certainly keep you on your toes.

  • Meet regulary with the project teams to establish workflow, skills requirements and contacts.
  • Ensure all of your staff are well briefed, understand the timelines, inputs and outputs and who to ask.
  • Monitor projects to ensure things go to plan and take action before they might not.
  • Engage with project teams to relay any potential delays or design issues.
  • Take an active role in identifying talent, opportunities for skills development, training and mentoring.
  • Provide good feedback to all parties as to potential improvements to project handling, interaction, skills needs, technology use and scheduling.

Ultimately this position is about sharpening the knife while keeping the machine running smoothly - making continuous improvement yet getting things done. This happens when people enjoy their work, have clear instruction and are motivated.

It's an engineering workplace and a good one at that so you can expect quality communication, effective action and good management involvement to make your week go to plan.


Well, this is a design office environment so you need to have a great track record and be a master of the tools:

  • A very experienced Revit capable Technician / Technologist.
  • Established skills in Civil/Structural, Mechanical or Electrical projects.
  • Good experience with BIM & 3D.
  • Keen to embrace future technologies (VR/AR/AI) in a practical manner.
  • Have proven leadership potential.

If you haven't worked out yet, this is a great opportunity to seriously ramp up your professional skills and even future-proof your career. It's an excellent move for someone who loves working with people and technology and wants to do more that stare at a monitor. The reward is to have a pivotal role in a company going places - you get to be a part of something good.

Interested in knowing more?

To start the ball rolling, please apply below - or for a confidential chat about this or similar roles, please call Lachlan McNeill on 03 3656673.

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Keywords:  AutoCAD, Microstation, CAE, FEA, High Voltage, Mechanical, Grounding, Testing, ARCGIS, ESRI, Draughting, drafting, drawing, documentation, leader CAD Manager, Canterbury, Auckland, Wellington, HV, MV, LV, substations, bridges, infrastructure, Navisworks, Drafter, Draughter, NZCE, NZCD, NA, HND, Senior, drones, scanning, imaging, robotics, Geographical, Transmission, power, roading, Solidedge.




Engineering • Manufacturing • Electronics • IT&l;T • Infrastructure • Construction • Architecture
CAD Office Manager/Supervisor
New Zealand
Christchurch - City ~ Canterbury
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Job Classification:
Drafter - Electrical