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  • Overhead Line Design and project management skills
  • Based in one of the most stunning parts in New Zealand
  • Let your Overhead Lines experience take you places
  100% owned by community, this company manages and operates the electricity distribution network and delivers energy to over 30,000 customers within one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. This dynamic company actively embraces a forward-thinking approach in its commitment to a clean and efficient future.     As a continuation of this drive, an opportunity has arisen for a Project Engineer to join the OHL team and fill a particular gap and which would definitely be one of the more diverse professional roles we have.      The Role      The aim of this role is to design new overhead power lines and manage the maintenance program for existing overhead power lines to deliver a safe, efficient, economic and reliable supply to consumers.       At the start of the day you have a strategic maintenance program to help implement and follow.. Your mission is to provide comprehensive designs, specifications and instructions to the Contractor for construction. You will; visit sites, establish needs and constraints and easements as required, collaborate on design, manage compliance and liaise with all parties to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.      It is  preferable that we obtain the services of a person - able to draw upon a knowledge of overhead lines and with the solid engineering skills to provide the clear designs and instructions.     Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the design, we are open to applicants from any of the electrical, civil/structural, mechanical or surveying disciplines.  If you have the overhead line design experience and a love of seeing things come to life, then we know you will enjoy the tremendous lifestyle and "workstyle" this role offers.  On top of the technical aspects, the highly interactive nature of the work means that if you like working with a good bunch of competent people, you will love this role.      Working alongside others in the overhead line team you will also benefit immediately from the support and local insight available.     Requirements:      We are looking for an overhead line experienced person with a good sense of what is practicable and the communications skills to make this happen.  We would prefer;  
  • 5 years' plus experience with design, construction, maintenance and asset management of Electric Power Overhead Line Distribution (OHL) systems up to 110kV
  • Excellent project management skills and ability to work within NZ contract requirements
  • NDE or NZCE, B.Tech, BE, BEng, in Electrical, Mechanical or Civil/Structural disciplines
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills
    Why this one?      This is a great opening for a problem-solver who likes action in their day, using their abilities to solve challenges, and the satisfaction seeing a job completed.  You will be working with the support of a small team so can enjoy the best of both worlds - getting exposure to new things and using your core engineering skills both indoors and outdoors.     Application Instructions:     To register your interest in this role, apply below or for a discreet discussion, call Richard Foster on +64 3 379 7002. or Lachlan McNeill on +64 3 365 6673      NOTE: FOSTERRA and ACORVA are jointly and exclusively managing this role for our client.  

Engineering • Manufacturing • Electronics • IT&l;T • Infrastructure • Construction • Architecture
Overhead Lines Designer
New Zealand
Auckland City ~ Auckland
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Mining / Resources & Utilities
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Utilities - Electricity